Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fixed my problem

Ok, so I had freaked when I realized how long Vaughn's blanket was taking me. Then, when I realized it was as wide as a twin blanket, I freaked again about what to do. After talking to LOTS of people, I realized that I wasn't the only one with this problem. Did you see that? THREE "realizations" in a very short period of a time. That's a lot for a shrunken, pregnant brain to handle!! I decided to set that one aside and start a new one for Vaughn. After all, I can always use more twin blankets, so I'll finish it later. Now, I suck at reading patterns, not necessarily because they're hard, but just because they scare the poopies out of me and I don't have the patience to count. So I have made my own up. Here's what they are, and eventually I"ll have pics. I promise!!

Twin Afghan:
Chain till it's all the way across your lap and then some. Then add a few more just for good measure and add an extra turning chain on the end.
Row 1: Single Crochet Stitch all the way across. Add 4 chains on the end for turning.
Row 2: I THINK this is called the V stitch, but I don't see a V, so instead I'll just tell you what I do. I do a double crochet stich with a single chain and then put it into every other loop. Do it all the way across. Don't forget the last chain
Rows 3,5, and any odds here on out until you're at the length you need: single crochet stitch, not forgetting the 4 chains at the end
Rows 4,6,8 and even from here on out: Repeat row 2.

The one I"m working on now, here is the PLAN (which means I haven't done it all yet) This is with two colors, color A and color B
Chain the length of a baby blanket (I don't count, instead I held it up to an actual baby blanket). Add 4 chains on the end
Row one: In color A, double crochet all the way across. Add one chain on the end.
Row 2: In color B, single crochet stitch all the way across, adding 4 chains on the end
Row 3: In color A, V stitch (or whatever it is I explained in the last pattern) all the way across. Add one chain stitch
Row 4, 6, and evens here on out: Always color B, just single stitch across and add 4 chains
Row 5: Color A, double crochet stitch
Row 7: Color A, V stitch
Do every other one like this so it goes: double, single, v, single, double, single, v, single, etc until it is about the size of a baby blanket

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