Thursday, April 17, 2008

Traveling Projects

Sometimes I feel rather pathetic. I cannot hold still for the LIFE of me. However, right now I"m in so much pain from this baby that I can barely move. So I have been doing lots of projects. My poor husband. Every few minutes he hears something similar to this, "Sweetheart, how much do you love me?" "What do you need?" he asks. "On my craft shelf, on the second shelf, the box on the far right, will you see if there is by any chance wire in there?"

Anyway, I'm going to a friends house today (and she told me she has a whole box of yarn for me *swoon*). I'm SO grateful she called and asked me over because I was seriously sitting here wondering HOW I was going to move much today. I can get up and down the stairs, but it takes forever and it HURTS so bad!

So I'm taking a couple projects to her house with me. I don't know what yet. I"ll probably grab all my crochet hooks (and books since I'm still learning and they're due next week *whimper*).

Also, one book review: I don't knit, but for a visual reminder to pick up patterns from my mom's house, I checked out Barbie doll and ME (45 playful matching designs for knitting)

It almost makes me want to knit (almost, it won't actually happen for a few years)
All the outfits in there for Barbie (and Ken) they also have for MATCHING kids clothes (and some adults, too, I think). It is SOO fun and So cute!

Anyway: Just wondering what your favorite "to go" project is.

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