Thursday, October 2, 2008

What've you been up to?

I've been crazy busy lately- seems that from Sept-Dec, that IS the story! I've been busy enough that all I've been able to do is crochet. No time to sew, no time to paint....

First I'll update you with pictures of my recent finished projects, but then, I'm going to post a list of things I'd like to get done soon, some more important than others, some more likely to get done than others....

Alright, first, Juliana is getting play food for her birthday. I just finished her cheeseburger, whichc was good for me, because it gave me a reason to learn triple crochet and joined, turned rounds. Awesome practice in reading patterns.


I'd also like to make a few more of these cookies, as well as another veggie or fruit or two. Then (hopefully) by Christmas, I can make some HEAVENLY looking pastries and such that I found on Ravelry. Oh and I forgot to tell you how INCREDIBLY excited I am! One of the amazing people on the RAK group, PheonixDawn, bought me the pattern for Taffy Apples. I'm SOOO making one or two this weekend!!!!

Last, but not least, I also just finished this candy corn bag

and then took this photo:

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