Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pictures, printables, and projects

Hi Y'all! Been a while. I've been busy busy! I made some UGLY t-shirt bags that will work, but I"m warning you, they are UGLY!!!!!!!


Told you they were ugly, but they were easy. Even though the sewing machine and I did not get along at ALL!!! I mean, way to wage war. It won every battle, but I kept going..... and I won the war. Take that!

I also have some printables to share with you. I have been trying to figure out how to get Xander to recognize the words "the" and "and" without having to sound it out every single time. One of Roger's best friend's mom is a preschool teacher and she said that you just make flashcards. DUH!!!! Ok, that is how I learn ANYthing is through flashcards, why hadn't I thought of that? So I made one set of flashcards for all of you to share too. Xander knows ALL the words. He does struggle with down and out, though, hahaha, not kidding.

Word cards

Also, I'm trying to get my kids to clean their rooms, but I don't want to overwhelm them, so I made these chore charts for them:


Also, on Sunday, I went to my sister's and took pics of her kids. Check for them soon on the old blog:

More of theflashcards to come, you'll see!!!

P.S. Also be looking for a tutorial coming up VERY soon!!!

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