Monday, April 13, 2009

Staycation- the right thing to do

So, Saturday night at 12:30, we were catching up on ABC's In The Motherhood. In one episode a family decided to take a stay cation (that naturally went horribly wrong). We laughed and laughed, partly because of the hilarity of it, partly because it was 12:30, and partly because our staycation starts today! It's true! Roger took 3 days off of work and we are going to PLAY!!!

Today's Agenda:
Swimming at the indoor pool (yay for me getting to wear my $50 swimsuit that only cost me $6 and is adorable to boot!)

Vaughn has a Well Check appt

Monsters Vs. Aliens IN theaters

Staying the night at my mom's

Tuesday's Agenda:
Head up to Layton to pick up 2 of my nephews

Visit the air force museum (yay for free)

Go to Burger Barn in Roy. Yes, the one that was in Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (which I almost accidentally truncated to Drivers)

Stay the night at Jens (which means partying for the kids, computers for Roger, and possible scrapbooking for me!)

Go home sometime and clean.

We're pretty psyched. And there is a 50% chance that we may go to NYC for a weekend in June. We'll see though. I'm afraid to get my hopes up too much. Although I should start preparing, because it'll cost us like $200 to go.

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