Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Care Packages

Best Friends: (this is more for girls between 7-14 yrs old)

  • A card

  • Clothespin
    Dolls*- these can be done two ways. In a kit for the receiver to put
    together themselves, or already made. Find out how to make them here (although I'd look for the clothespins at the dollar store first, that's where I found mine). For cute packaging, try this

  • Friendship Bracelets* Learn how here

  • No Sew Fleece Pillow KIT (so she has something to do). Just include materials and instructions, found here

  • Photo Holder- there are lots of different kinds to make. One is here.
    You can also try this: Cut small styrofoam ball in half. Painted as
    desired. Cut 1-3 pieces of 24 guage wire into say 10" -12"pieces. Curl
    into spirals at one end. Stick into foam. Decorate as desired.

  • Headbands-  Scarfbands
    or Take some ribbon, as wide as you like, measure it so it goes
    *almost* around the head (make sure it's a similar size for the person
    you're sending it to). Make sure the edges aren't going to unravel by
    either hemming, fray checking
    or burning the edges. On one end of the scarf, sew a button. On the
    other, loop a piece of thin elastic and sew it to that edge. Put it
    around head and make sure the loop fits around the button.

  • Jump Rope- not very expensive, but if you know how to knit, then try this one

  • CD Case Book- you could put pictures of you and the person you're sending it too, or write a story. They're adorable!

  • Things to just buy: stickers, lip gloss, the person's favorite candy, glitter pens, mini notebooks, cute erasers

Get Well Soon:

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