Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yeah, figures.

   So today did NOT go as planned. The plan for the day;
clean my house
dutifully wait for hunny to get home from work promptly at 6:15
pick up some freecylce stuff......
yeah. Right.

What REALLY happened? you ask. Well. First let me start the day off right. Woke up to BEAUTIFUL weather (like the day before). I could finally see my ENTIRE front lawn (yes it's still there) for the first time this year. The snow had FINALLY all melted. Every last bit. (ok, in my front yard, not my back). I take a nice shower, get the kids ready, and my friend Rachel comes over to pick us up so we could go to story time at the library. I put light jackets on my kids because, hey, it's like 58*! We go enjoy the story. During story time, Rachel gets a call and finds out she needs to be in Sandy (45 min away on the other side of the mtn) by 1:00. Story time ends at 11:30. We come to my house, grab a couple extra diapers, my purse, and some lunch. FIll up w/ gas and head out. We make it to her appt, we're there for about 30 min.

I've been wanting to make sock puppets forever. The library here does not have any recent books, so I decide to check my old library, next to my parents house. So we go to that library. I love that I can browse. I'm so happy that they took a fine away (they said I still had the book when I remembered turning it in- it was on the shelf). I find a few books, one for each of the kids, we check out and get in the car. My mom called and said she had some hand me downs from my niece that are so cute, so we head over there and pick them up. Then we head back here to Tooele......

10 minutes out, Rachel goes, "DO YOU SEE THAT?" So I'm looking out the window as she starts to pull over. She said, "no that!" and pointed to the steering wheel.. there is smoke POURING out of it!! At this point, it's starting to snow outside. So we pull all the kids out of the car, lest it should burst into flames. Rachel pops the hood and calls her hubby while I huddle 3 barely bundled kids together around me. This snow happens to be the windy, wet kind. Yeah, not fun. Well, with the car turned off, the smoke goes away, so we get back in. Thank goodness for the library books we just got!
Rachel gets back into the car, hands me the phone and says, "you tell him where we're at!" Apparently her hubby was being a butt. So I told him where we were (kinda why I was there in the first place, for navigation). Then we sit and wait. 10-20 min later, she calls her hubby again to see how far he's come (he will take 30 min appx to get there on regular weather days). She finds out that he's coming in a truck w/ another adult.... how that's going to fit 3 carseats and 2 adults? So I call my dad, since he's closer, and tell him a charming story about how he really just wants an adventure. He agreed to come get us.
Meanwhile, weather is getting worse and worse. Dad gets there, a state trooper right behind him, and Rachel's hubby tailing the trio. State trooper was wondering if this was the little old lady that slid off the road he'd gotten a call about. We said no and sent him on his way. Dad and I take off once we see Rachy and Gavin safely in the truck.

Once we get back to mom and dad's, I call Roger (by this time it's 4:00) and tell him he really should head home soon before traffic hits. He says, ok let me finish this. Then he calls back 30 min later and says someone else asked him to do something .So he did. He leaves at 5:15. Keep in mind, that his work is only 25 miles away from my parents house.... 7:25 he finally walks in the door. Yeah. Traffic and weather both are TERRIBLE!

We leave my parents house about 8:30, fully expecting a 2 hr drive (normally 45 min). It only took us an hour. We call dad as we turn onto our street and say we're safely home. We pull into our drive..... we're stuck. Half in the road, half in teh driveway. There is, I kid you not, a FOOT of snow!!!! So Roger shovels enough that we can get into the driveway, then he shovels the walk.

I emailed the freecycle people and hope they are sympathetic, considering the entire northern part of the state is STILL stuck in traffic. No,really, Roger's brother called us and told us how bad it is on his end of the freeway. 3 1/2 hrs to go between 2-10 miles. No joke.

And then I realize one thing. The sock monkey book I wanted to check out.... I forgot to even look for!

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