Friday, February 29, 2008

File Folder Games Part II

I made some more today. This time I got creative and just googled images. Now, with that being said, these (and the ones I made yesterday) are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please! :D

The nice thing is how many images you have at your fingertips. ripped books? coloring books? Use 'em. Scan 'em, cut them, whatever you like!!

So w/out further ado, here is a preview of the 3 games, then the downloads.

Download PrincessMatchColor.pdf
Download PrincessMatch2.pdf

Download PrincessMatch3.pdf

Download PrincessMatch4.pdf

Use the same princesses on the Princess match game

Download PrincessFriend1.pdf

Download PrincessFriend2.pdf

Download DisneyDaddy1.pdf

Download DisneyDaddy2.pdf

Download DisneyDaddy3.pdf

Download DisneyDaddy4.pdf

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