Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free File Folder Games

So I got bored today (I'm staying at my mom's for the night) and decided to MAKE some file folder games. Not search them out on the internet and print them, but open photoshop elements and MAKE them. So I thought I'd share!!! I'm just posting the pictures of one page each. If it downloads/prints by clicking on them, great. If not, I'll link you to the actual download spot.
Download EggCountInstructions.pdf

Download EggCount1.pdf

Download EggCount1color.pdf

Download EggCount2.pdf   Download EggCount2color.pdf

Download EggCount3.pdf

Download EggCount3color.pdf

Download FruitVeg1.pdf

Download FruitVeg1color.pdf

Download FruitVeg2.pdf

Download FruitVeg2color.pdf

Download FruitVeg3.pdf

Download FruitVeg4.pdf

Download HalfPage1.pdf

Download HalfPage1color.pdf

Download HalfPage2.pdf

Download HalfPage2color.pdf

Sorry, no pic for that one. You just match the halves

Download Healthy1.pdf

Download Healthy2.pdf

Download Healthy3.pdf

Download Healthy3color.pdf

Download Healthy4.pdf

Download Healthy4color.pdf

Download SizeAnswerBox1.pdf

Download SizeAnswerBox2.pdf

Download SizePage1.pdf

Download SizePage1color.pdf

Download SizePage2.pdf

Download SizePage2color.pdf

I hope you enjoy (on the instructions pages, just click the picture then right click to save as once it's big). And to give credit where credit is due: Graphics are from, photoshop elements, and a couple by me.

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