Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Progress

I've started a few things lately, and thought I'd add some photos as I've gone through. one is actually a partial tutorail.

First, this is how my messy area looks currently. I"m still not done. The small filing cabinets will be moved and I still want to mount a shelf or two on the wall.

Next, this is the tutorial part. I've been working on this magnet book, right? Well... here's a tut of how I've worked the paper dolls so far.

First, I printed off the paper dolls from
There are lots of reasons I use this particular website: 1. You can choose all ethnicities, or a cat and a dog for your body, but they all fit the same clothes. 2. There are SO many clothes options; from mermaids to doctors, to camo, to superhero... just check the themes page 3. You can print in color or outline, so it fits your printer capacity and time restraints

Second, I mounted them onto magnets. The magnets you see on this picture are from my previous business. I got overly excited and printed a bunch of magnets out. Silly me. Oh well, recycle recycle.

I mod podged them on. You can probably use rubber cement, too.

Then I colored them. Some I printed off in color, but these, I used puff paints. Talk about fun! I just love the extra texture.

Next, I cut out the pieces

Look, now you can play with them! This is my kids favorite, the pirate.

Word to the wise: play w/ magnets on magnets or metal. The actual magnets I used to do the mod  podging on and stuff- not very strong. It won't stick to the body very well, unless it's on metal or magnets. The metal chairs at church work GREAT. :D

This one was done using puff paints, whereas the pirate was printed in color. I added embellishments to these jeans just for fun. :D

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