Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ok, can I tell you HOW happy I am to have my camera right now? WHEW!
So First up: Here are some cans I recovered (peach cans, to be exacts) w/ some fabric, ribbon, and  trim. Cute, eh?

Next: My big project yesterday and the day before: FILE FOLDER GAMES. I found a free website called and they have a ton of free printable folder games. I just wish I had called my sister RIGHT when I found them instead of coloring 20 shamrocks, 20 butterflies, 20 pirate ships, 20 scarecrows and more, cutting them all out and laminating half of them BEFORE she suggested laminating them w/ the magnets INSIDE. The ones after that worked great. The ones before that... I can't get the magnets to stay on the laminate. I feel like i wasted so much work! I tried the fact that the magnets are

sticky- no go. I tried rubber cement- no go. I tried hot glue- absolute no go. Yeah, so I just don't even know what to do.

Next picture is of some clothespin dolls that my 10 yr old niece made. She saw mine and got really excited, so she made some today

This last picture is what happens when one WANTS to put a shelf up (and has started on it) but can do nothing else until her hubby gets home. Hehehehehe

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